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How to Support

We are a private company that contracts with governments and non-profits to fill in the gaps where they arise. 

Most NGOs or non-profits have their expertise in raising money for good causes while often lacking the technical experience of efficiently allocating those resources. That's where GDC steps in, we provide crucial support to such organizations at a more efficient way than if they were to build such an apparatus from scratch.

Our current partners in the mission in Ukraine include NGOs and the Israeli Government. 

“Since Moti can cross to the other side, and we can be only on the Romanian side, he is helping us to distribute aid to people who are waiting in line,” Israel’s ambassador to Romania, David Saranga, told JTA. (Jewish Telegraph Agency)

GDC is not a charity. Rather, it is a private company that provides logistic services to nonprofits, government agencies, companies and individuals. If you want to make a donation in support of GDC's efforts, you may want to contact a charity that works with us. Of course, feel free to have local charities connect with us and learn about our services.    

Below is a sample list of supplies for a 2 ton truck. You can choose to fund a 2 or 22 ton truck.

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 4.42.56 PM.png
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