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For a decade and a half, we have worked tirelessly to bring people together from across cultures and faiths, from around the world and across the Middle East, be they Christian, Muslim or Jewish, with the singular purpose of helping people in need with dignity and respect, no matter their background, ethnicity or faith. It's that deeply held ideal that drives everything we do.

Our Team

Mordechai (Moti) Kahana

(born February 28, 1968, Jerusalem, Israel) is an Israeli-American businessman and philanthropist. He is most notable for his work involving refugees during the Syrian Civil War. Moti Kahana also manages Kahana Farm located in Randolph NJ.

Moti Kahana

Founder & CEO

Over 35 years of successful management of diverse organizations within the public and private sector. Hands on experience in strategic planning, leading operations, building P&L, and following prokects through to completion. MS in Financial Management, U.S. Naval Post Graduate school and BA in Mathmatics from the U.S. Naval Academy

Captain Michael Durnan, U.S. Navy (Retired) 

Logistics Director

Robert Seiden has been a practicing New York attorney for over 33 years, including 11 years as a prosecutor in Manhattan and a decade as a receiver over dozens of public companies. He has been praised over the decades for his successes in litigation, global asset recovery, judgment enforcement, investigations, and court-appointed receiverships. He has represented hundreds of clients before US and foreign courts and several federal and state agencies, including multinationals, high-profile businessmen and celebrities, whistleblowers, and sanctioned persons seeking to clear their name or company under the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control. Mr. Seiden has been appointed Receiver 30+ times by over 25 state, federal, and Chancery judges in the U.S. courts and the courts of Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands.

As Managing Partner of Seiden Law Group, Mr. Seiden oversees an experienced team of professionals, including former big-law litigators, field investigators, analysts, forensic specialists, CPAs, retired FBI agents, and ex-intelligence officers. He is a member of the International Bar Association and has been an invited speaker on behalf of the US State Department, The Harvard Club, and Offshore Alert at other conferences.

Robert Seiden, Esq.

Outside Counsel

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